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Lyric Viewer is an open-source and portable application that provides a user-friendly environment for viewing, creating, saving and merging lyrics files. It can be easily used, even by people with limited background in such tools. The only format that Lyric Viewer works with it is DOC, supported by Microsoft Word. The fact that it's portable … Read more

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Osmosis is a lightweight and comprehensive text-to-speech application that you can use to read have the computer read any text to you. Designed with ease of use in mind, the application’s interface only comprises a text box for writing the desired text. The user can adjust the reading speed and volume levels, as well as … Read more

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WhatsApp conversations and attachments are normally backed up on your iPhone’s storage, but they can still be lost for various reasons, such as accidental deletion, corruption or forgotten passwords. iMyFone ChatsBack is an intuitive application that can help you out in these situations, as it enables you to recover WhatsApp data from your iOS device, … Read more

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ADManager Plus is a 100% web-based solution to designed to meet your Active Directory management requirements. ADManager Plus is a Windows Active Directory management tools that eliminates the need to use command line tools and scripts. You can create multiple user accounts, delegate role-based access rights to manage AD users and objects, modify user attributes … Read more

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ERROR_GETTING_IMAGES-1       HyperMotion Technology in FIFA 22 is a new feature available to the AI, which learns its tactics, patterns and strategies during a game and tunes the AI’s tactics and tactics in-match. This allows for more accurate and detailed tactics (as played by humans) to be utilized in AI matches. The UEFA … Read more

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  Name Fifa 22 Publisher lantheof Format File Rating 4.55 / 5 ( 7569 votes ) Update (2 days ago)   Download Setup Crack           Playmaker Control Players now have more freedom to move around with the addition of “Playmaker Control,” allowing players to use their preferred speed with pass direction … Read more