Alien Surf Girls Streaming Italiano ~REPACK~

Alien Surf Girls Streaming Italiano ~REPACK~



Alien Surf Girls Streaming Italiano

It started in January 2014 and was the end of the beach and surfing experience. I have a nephew that had moved to Maui five years earlier. That was the night he asked if we could go see Bethany. He didn’t know much about her but had the most ignorance respect. He was so touched when she got back on the water. He noticed how she went back to what she loved. Each time after those first showings, I said, “Hey if she drops out, you want to try.” That was August 2015. I sent him her number and he called me a month later. We taped her for an hour and she asked him if she could use his board. She was back on the waves – at 53!

The reality is the best days I’ve had were with Beth and surfing. For a while, it was everything. The writing was on the wall. Life was passing. It was just me and the waves. The beach was amazing. I knew I was born for surfing. I knew what I wanted to do. I hated the idea of no surfing.

I never wanted to leave the ocean. Lives and careers changed and I had to go where I now live. But what I loved about Beth was that I was right with her and I never had to compete with any of them. I could surf close to the shoreline at any time and where the trips went, they were always about the ocean. Beth took me surfing, back then it was mostly just in Hawaii. She encouraged me to surf with her and the boys and we just fell into it. Looking back, she was so gracious to say, “Hey listen, I want you to have fun and never worry about succeeding. You’ve got to do what you’re passionate about. There’s no time limit on surfing.”

It was always about smiles and laughter with her. It was just our time. It was never about gender or whatever. You are who you are and I was a female. Girls love Beth and guys love Beth. It always feels good to surf with Bethany. I just put on a tank top and I was ready to go. I could never get enough.

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