Ilya Efimov Lp Electric Guitar Kontakt Torrent [UPDATED] Download

Ilya Efimov Lp Electric Guitar Kontakt Torrent [UPDATED] Download



Ilya Efimov Lp Electric Guitar Kontakt Torrent Download

The phrase of the blues is a body of musical structures having common metre. If you know how to play a few notes you can learn to play this structure. It means that first you play some notes from the chord and then continue the same chords. The chords of the blues are composed mostly by 3 and 5 and at least one chord must be played for every bar.

The blues is a melody of the first degree. It starts with the tonic, or the key note, and it always finishes with a tonic chord. On the way there are other changes of chord and the harmonization. Generally, the blues are played in minor keys.

In order to become a proficient blues guitarist you will have to practice a lot, but also have the right knowledge of music theory. Whether it is the key of blues, 7th chords, minor 9th chords, tone, theory etc.: The more you practice, the better will be your phrasing.

You need to have in mind, that in blues the root of chord is on the beat and the fifth is on the off beat. It sounds like Guitar Pro V7: On the 1st beat the root is G with a bass note at the bottom, on 2nd beat the fifth is E with a bass note at the bottom, on 3rd beat the third is C with a bass note at the bottom and so on.

Rhythm of blues is extremely important. The bass line always has a pulse with a recognizable pattern of notes. Without a proper rhythm the blues would be just noise. In the real blues there are quarter notes and eighth notes, in combination with the back beat. In C blues a traditional kick drum rhythm is in use. There are patterns with some types of chords as well as some modes, like Dorian, Phrygian, Aeolian and Mixolydian. However, you can not perform a C blues using just the note set of C Major scale. For most of the blues you must use either a blues shape, or a scale which contains the crucial notes of the original blues. There are a lot of blues scales.