Miley Cyrus Naked With Dad [Extra Quality]

Miley Cyrus Naked With Dad [Extra Quality]


Miley Cyrus Naked With Dad

Now a 20-year-old, the singer admitted that she had a boyfriend at 16 and that when she first started posing nude, it came as a shock to her. Fortunately, though, she said, the shock was soon forgotten, and now she’s able to make a lot of her friends think she’s cool. She claimed that she has a low-key approach when it comes to her own sexuality — unbuttoning her shirt during an interview so she can be the center of attention. „I’m comfortable with my sexuality now,“ she said.

Miley Cyrus will forever be remembered for her oddball performances as part of the „Hannah Montana“ and „Hannah Montana“ star was discovered in 2005. From the beginning, she jumped into the limelight as the character she played on-screen, Miley Stewart, but she stuck out from the beginning as a free spirit with no interest in wearing clothes.

„I do think I started to be more comfortable in my own skin when I was doing that series and when I was starting to do my first songs,“ she said. „It’s always been there, but it’s started being more visible, I guess, in the last few years.

Miley Cyrus recently open-up about her sexuality during an interview with Rolling Stone, in which she spoke about attending a „punch a p*ssy“ house party in her neighborhood last week where she got her first real blowjob. She was 13 years old when she got her first. She also told the magazine that she loves Playboy and that she got her first magazine at 11 years old.

But the actress was confident Miley wouldn’t overshadow the songs and the album itself. „There are a lot of good reasons why I wanna have the record by myself,“ she said in a January interview with The Little Black Book magazine. „There are some songs I need to sing maybe that I feel alone in saying. It’s a plus. I see myself as an artist and that’s my niche. I’m gonna shine inside.“

Of course, Miley’s infamous photos aren’t the only place you’ll find her famous little tushies peeking. „She’s gotten away with a lot these days, with her surgically enhanced and dangerously obvious bumps and curves,“ the magazine concluded.