NEKOPARA Vol. 3 (18 Version) Money Hack __TOP__

NEKOPARA Vol. 3 (18 Version) Money Hack __TOP__


NEKOPARA Vol. 3 (18 Version) Money Hack

I’m going to get to that at the end. Now, I’m not the biggest nicest fan of the two games. Vanilla is being passive-aggressively rapey towards Chocola from the start, and after NV1,not only does she maintain this act entirely, but it actually backs up Chocola sputtering ‚first‘ and ‚last‘. Chocola’s cute side is back, but is the agency of her personality is being horribly abused? Although I’m a little biased, I respect Chocola’s personality. Chocola is followable like the de-facto leader in heroine stories we encounter after Middle School, but NV1 constantly takes Chocola down a different path from which I find hard to follow.

Also, Vanilla is being bold about the fact that she loves Chocola’s virginity, and Chocola doesn’t even notice how impertinent Vanilla is acting? Chocola is of course shy, but she’s also assertive on the rare occasion, and that assertiveness comes out when she tells Vanilla to stop being rude and stop talking about Chocola’s purity as if they are friends. Vanilla wasn’t being rude, but she is not Chocola’s friend either; they are sisters, Chocola has nothing to be ashamed of to deserve to be treated like she belongs to a temple. She is just borrowing her sister for a while. Bottom line, when the two do buddy up, Vanilla acts more like an acquaintance. Unfortunately, this attitude isn’t the most endearing thing we see from Chocola.

Vanilla and Chocola’s attitude only varies after Chocola is sure that Vanilla loves her. Constant chatter and courting about their relationship, Dutchmen that can only be translated to, ‚don’t you like me’… Vanilla is wetting her pants and Chocola is just taking her pants off.