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PIPE-FLO is a fully featured pipe design application that lets you create, simulate and test your entire system. Designing pipes is a complex, specialized task that can take a lot of time and expertise. The calculation, measurement and analysis in PIPE-FLO make this process a lot easier and easier. Key Features: – High-resolution graphics and 3D models – Simulation analysis and optimization tools – Detailed help and tutorials – Design simulation and optimization tools – Math and calculus calculation tools – Flexible measuring tools – Pipe sizing and sizing tools – Fitting and geometry tools – Valves and fittings tools – Pipe configuration – Design help, tutorials, and forums – Font support – Piping calculation, simulation, and optimization tools – Export to several formats including stl, dwg, jpg, png, pdf, dwg, and cgf – Import of several formats – Gantt chart – Text editor – Import and export of svg, stl, dwg and jpg files – App can be used offline. What’s New in Version 2.4.2: 1. Added the following new features: – Added utility box for pipe. – Added a tooltip to element of the application that contains information about the layer where the element is created. – Added a button for data changing in configuration. – Added a field for named pipe. – Added a page for the export of pipe. – Added a configuration for the export of pipe. – Added a function to change the width of the column on the page „Export Pipe“. – Added a function to make the title of the page „Export Pipe“. – Added an ability to activate the background image in the layout of the page „Export Pipe“. – Added the possibility to configure the description of the element in the pipe description page. – Added a menu on the page „Export Pipe“ for the export of the form „Export Pipe“. – Added a button in the top toolbar to change the size of the object on the page „Export Pipe“. – Added a button in the top toolbar to change the position of the object on the page „Export Pipe“. – Added an ability to change the color of the element on the page „Export Pipe“. – Added a button in the top toolbar to change the visibility of the object on the page „Export Pipe“. –

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Join the professional world of pipework design with PIPE-FLO. PIPE-FLO is an application for building a network of pipes of various shapes, sizes and diameters for designing, simulating and building. The application can be used in an office or home environment for a variety of purposes including water, gas and fuel pipe systems and it supports many technical characteristics such as pressure, diameter, flow, etc. PIPE-FLO offers a variety of functions for fluid control valves, pipe components and a hydraulic system. The main view is a „grid“ with predefined cells for placement of objects, whereas the object can be dragged to the cell and placed there. PIPE-FLO can be used for: • Designing a network of pipes of various shapes, sizes and diameters • Creating an orthogonal drawing of a piping system • Simulating a pipe network based on a certain calculation and calculation of pressures and flow rates • Building a network of pipes manually and generating a file for CAD conversion PIPE-FLO is a professional solution to designing pipe systems that can withstand harsh environments and loads of pressure in order to safely distribute fluids throughout a system. For more information, please visit: PIPE-FLO Features: – Intuitive user interface – Full documentation in the menu – Data importing of a complete network of pipes and valve system – Design, build, simulate and view a full pipe network – Inbuilt calculation of pressure and flow rates – Design, build, view and simulate piping systems – Options to export your network to PDF or print it – Design of pipes with various shapes and diameters – Convert a network of pipes into a CAD file – Drag and drop – quick creation and editing of pipe networks – Pipe component design – Pipe builders – Fluid simulation – Pipe simulation – Control valve simulation – Multiple windows for simulation, design and editing of pipe components – Design of a hydraulic system – Direct export of a pipe network to PDF and print it – Various pressure, fluid and flow simulation – Export data to your own SQL table – Option to convert a network of pipes to a CAD file – Options to calculate the budget of your pipe network – Options to download the latest version of the application – Free version (restricted data, no fluid simulation

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Water, gas and petrol are constantly on the move so that we always have access to transportation, heating and more. Solid pipe systems that need to withstand huge amounts of pressure are carefully designed to decrease the chance of accidents as much as possible. With computers providing accurate tools for any domain, PIPE-FLO comes with various calculators and design patterns so you can create pipe systems for any needs. Fill in specialized data requirement fields Although the application is open to anybody who wants to take a shot at designing just the right pipe system, you might want to pay a visit to elementary physics and chemistry textbooks at least for a few basics. This is because the application is packed with a wide array of specialized requirements, symbols and measurements that need to be properly filled in for your idea to work. Intuitive design and helpful grid With a simple design, yet pretty intuitive, most space is at your disposal do draw and place various elements, ranging from text and images, to pipes, pumps, tanks or flow meters. These are all kept in an upper toolbar, along with other accessibility and editing tools. For increased accuracy, your workspace can be equipped with a grid to which all objects can be snapped, and the possibility to set either a normal or isometric view. Additionally, an integrated search engine lets you quickly identify objects by their attributed name. Thorough pipe and fluid characteristics The application perfectly fits in professional environments. Measurement units, calculus methods, fluid zones along with characteristics can all be fully configured to apply to various regions or specifications. Moreover, you need to provide further details besides drawn elements, with the help of a pipeline builder tool. You need to provide everything, from size characteristics, elevation data to type of fluid that runs through it. Other components let you handle valves and fittings so that no leaks occur in the actual build. Test out your pipe system On the other hand, the application also comes equipped with several analysis tools that let you determine whether or not characteristics fit the design. You can bring up a graph that displays fluid pressure and pipe resistance, run a simulation on the overall design, or even calculate the total budget needed to bring the design to life. </p> <p><a href=" src=" width="120" height="120" border="0" alt="Pipe-Flo" /&gt


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